What do you do with 4 acres of weeds?

IMG_3177It started when I caved under a forty mile commute with a two year old in the backseat. Eighty miles a day! Can you believe it? In retrospect, the sheer stupidity of all that wasted time in the car, to say nothing of our carbon footprint, well, the mind boggles.

After 8 years trying to avoid living in the town where I work, we had a baby. I kept up with the commute pretty well for awhile, telling myself that it was nice to have the quiet time to ramp up and ramp down from the pace of my job. And it was nice, most of the year, to travel along the banks of the Columbia River to and from our house in Wenatchee. Beautiful orchards in bloom in the spring, green grass on the Colockum. Then summer would come on, browning the hills and baking the roads. One summer , the commute was often spent in construction lines, waiting for blasting during a slope stabilization project. Temperatures topped 110. Then autumn would come, with the beautiful crisp afternoons, foliage changing and the apple trucks.

Even with the commute, we liked our life in Apple Capital and our little project house, but we were just sure that the minute we were done with our renovations there, we would out grow the house and it would be time to go. We outgrew the house, just when we  it the way we wanted it. Our little Bean arrived on the scene and a new job for Fixer Guy and bang! It figures.

So we started looking. Rundown farm house after rundown farmhouse after rundown farmhouse. Some beggared the imagination and would have stretched the renovation skills of even my husband, the trusty Fixer Guy. Then my girlfriend found a house outside of town on a small acreage. So we went, looked, asked the price and started laughing. No way. And the search went on.

We finally settled on a house with a nice floor plan, a huge kitchen and a formal dining room. Also with asbestos popcorn ceilings, dog pee carpets, cheap trim and a collapsing barn. I know, sounds like a dream house. But it had built-in bookcases. We wrangled for months before the deal collapsed.

You know how people say that if God doesn’t give you what you want, He has something better in mind? Well, it’s true. I often pray for the right thing at the right time and trust Him that He will deliver. I’m never disappointed. Remember the lovely, but neglected house on the large lot that we could never in a million years afford? Well, it went into foreclosure and then it was ours. Three bedrooms, a little less than five acres, a big shop, 21 different interior paint colors, wrecked bathrooms, gum under the counters and kochia over our heads. Kochia, in case you’re wondering is a tough, fast growing weed that will survive hoes, machetes, chemicals, fire and a nuclear strike. It’s tougher than a Twinkie. Also fruit trees, raspberries, grape vines and a walnut tree. Sounds like possibilities, right? We think so.


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