The Shame of Underutilized Closet Space

God help me, I have family coming to stay.  Anybody who knows me will tell you that I’m an indifferent housekeeper on a good day and not exactly a superstar organizer. Okay, not at all a superstar organizer. It wasn’t such a problem in a smaller house, but since we’ve moved house and had another baby, things have sort of…spread out.


IMG_5390This is my sister, Big Red. This is also the most ridiculous photo of Red that I could find…almost. My sister lives in an apartment in Seattle and is offended on a pretty fundamental level about my poor use of storage space.  She says it’s an affront to those who are living in tiny apartments. The embarrassing fact is that I’m a little confused by all the extra space after living in a small house with no closets. She has no pity.

IMG_3840This is a mocking picture she took of my hoard of blue jeans (that don’t fit anymore  but I couldn’t part with) when she spent a few minutes working on my closet this summer. She came to stay when the baby arrived.  A girl can’t just sit around, I always say.

I did eventually knuckle under the pressure and the stack of jeans has largely been relegated to the consignment store. And also, for the record, my bedroom is no longer that cathouse color scheme you see in the background.  More of Fixer Guy’s handiwork. Just wanted you to know.  (And if you ask me nicely, I’ll post some pictures of the hardwood floor he put in the dining room, after he stripped all the black molding and painted over the pumpkin orange walls.

So here are some before photos of my clothes closet and of my soaping closet.

IMG_5409 IMG_5411











IMG_5413 IMG_5412Also here are some pictures of my latest soaping projects, so you wan’t judge that wreck in the soaping closet too harshly. After all, a girl needs supplies. Right? I’ve found a basic recipe I really like and have been working on some more advanced techniques: embeds and swirling.  Pretty fun stuff. The swirl  is a nice refreshing soap for your morning shower. Lots of spearmint fragrance with a little grapefruit and lime note. The embed is a nice relaxing lavender fragrance. After they cure, I’ll trim them up, wrap them and they’ll be available on our Etsy store.


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