Where’s my cheese? or The Cleaned Closet Blues

It turns out that having someone else clean out your closets is more challenging than I expected.  Helping Big Red go thru my stuff was kinda painful. It’s a little like watching an episode of Hoarders, but closer. Let me be clear, I didn’t have dead cats in my living room under piles of newspaper or anything, but I did get slapped in the mouth by several unfinished projects.

I couldn’t really bring myself to get rid of quite the volume I’d hoped for, but at least everything is all sorted and stacked neatly and waiting for the label maker.  All I can say is Hooray! for right angles.

IMG_5416 Here’s a sample of how it turned out.

Then a couple of days went by and Red and I had the following text message exchange

Me: Thanks so much for cleaning out my closets. I really appreciate it. Now, what the f?!k have you done with all my socks?

Red: Socks? I didn’t do anything with your socks. That was Mom.

Me: What about my little blue bowls?

Red: ….


So anyway, now I can move around in my closets, I can see stuff and odds of making some candles have improved considerably since I can now see where my supplies are stored.

And FYI, I never did find those little blue salad bowls.  They’re probably with my missing jeans.


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