Ahhh, the quiet

I bet you’re wondering where I’ve been.  Actually, based on the traffic to the blog, probably not.  The fact is, it’s been mighty project free around here for the last little bit.  Not much going on except I put up my two new soaps on my Etsy store.  The Peppermint Pick Me Up soap turned out nicely and the fragrance is really strong.  The abstract embed soap has a much subtler lavender fragrance.  So last weekend, Fixer says he wants some soap that stinks like fir needles.  Always happy to oblige and having some green clay I wanted to try out as a natural colorant, I decided to whip up a nice little test batch using coconut, olive and palm oils and cocoa butter.  Naturally, I was so absorbed in making the soap that I completely forgot to take any pictures. It’s just as well.  The soap will wash nicely and smell terrific, but I got this genius idea to test out a new ombre pour technique with the green clay.  Subtle, she said.  Classy, she said.  (She’s the lady that sold it to me).  Actually, it’s so subtle that you can’t see it in the top of the soap and the bottom looks like it mildewed.  Thank God it’s just for home use. Anyhow, it’s done and curing. We’ll see how it works out.

Fixer and I took the kids with us to Portland a couple of weeks ago to a trade show we had to attend for work.  Blessedly, the ‘rents were willing to come along and provide childcare for us while we were working.  G’pa Crick took Bean down the way to Lloyd’s Center Mall to the play area.  She conned him into letting her go wearing her night gown over her pants.  While there, she experienced a sudden need to take a trip to the potty, as little children do.  Evidently, while there she tried to wash her hands in the urinal.  Ghastly but hilarious.  Bean apparently didn’t understand what they were for and since G’pa Crick couldn’t figure out how to explain it without a demo, it remains a mystery to her.  At least she didn’t make a try for the mint.

On the way back, we stopped at Portland Homestead Supply Company, which is where I acquired the subtle green clay and the very nice fir needle oil.  Just in case any of you lovely people are planning a Christmas gift for me, that would be them place to go.  We originally stopped in to check out the cider presses (because one cider making event just wasn’t enough for us) and I became enthralled with all of their goodies.  Cheese making, candles, soap, canning.  Ooooh, I’m getting all sweaty just thinking about it.  Thank goodness Fixer is down there for business semi-regularly.

So company is just about here, coming over from Seattle, so I doubt there will be much to report this weekend.  I did invest in some mica and a little mini whisk last night as well as some mini batch making equipment, so I’m hoping to spend some time working on master batch recipes. Wish me luck!



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