Searching for Mr. Good Soap

Well, the search for the perfect master soap recipe continues. My last test batch turned out OK, but not awesome.  White, hard, cured quickly.  It lathered OK, but it just wasn’t the hoped for thick fluffy lather.

A while back I was seized by the urge to try something new.  Craigslist put me in touch with a fellow selling a huge slug of soaping supplies, as well as all of the related recipes. The base recipe is a nice workable one, but one of the oils used is, oddly, Crisco.  Turns out it works well, foams well, performs well in the soap mold.  But Crisco just isn’t a very upscale ingredient, so I’m hunting for a suitable replacement.  At this point, I’m making little test batches of a bar or two.

Even though it’s midweek, I think I’m going to take a stab at a couple of new recipes. So here’s my plan:

Facial bar from olive oil, coconut oil, goat’s milk and a little avocado oil

Salt bar from my original Crisco recipe, just to see if I can

A hanger swirl loaf in a chocolate mousse recipe with some extra water from one of my soaping books using some of my handy dandy new colorants.

I don’t plan to scent anything just to see how the recipe perform on their own.  Hopefully I can avoid the accelerated trace I ran into with that Lavender Lifesaver batch this weekend. Really though, I’ll probably get all excited and want my soap to stink pretty and then I’ll lose control and well, you know…


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