Soap on a Rope and Lavender Fields

Hi there! I bet you thought I’d gone. I guess I should have warned you. I was on vacation. In Hawaii.  With the kids. Which isn’t.  Isn’t a vacation, I mean. It was lovely, but kids are a lot of work, especially when they’re little. And barfing. Three times a day. Until we got on the plane to come home.  Cool, right? At least she stopped. That gives me an idea: End of my Rope Soap.  What would that smell like? Wine?

Me and Bean on the Beach Hanalei Bay

Bean on the Beach


So this soaping thing is taking on a life of it’s own.  Right before we left on vacation lovely Miss Betsy at Tangles mentioned another business owner in town might be interested in carrying my soaps and stuff. So of course I scooted right over with some samples to show her, thinking that I might have a couple of months to get some additional inventory going, since I’ve been soaping in a leisurely sort of way.  Not so much. I need to have enough stuff made and labeled to stock a display in a little less than three weeks. Here’s my list:

Bath salts in 3-4 flavors

Bath tea



Bulk lavender buds

Minute Manicures

Owie Salve

Lotion bars

Lip balm

More soap

Neck wraps

Scented pillows?

It’s a lot to do, right? Am I crazy? I think maybe a little bit.

This is actually great news, but also very scary since I hadn’t really gotten my labels all squared away yet.  Like I said, it’s got a life of it’s own these days. I really believe that when things are meant to be, everything lines up just right.  I guess I was hoping for a little more space, but I think I can make it work.

So on the way home, we stopped at Apple Annie’s in Cashmere and picked up a few treasures for the display, but I need a really big hutch or credenza or buffet or something to really make this work. I’m pillaging apothecary jars and baskets out of my house, but boy, I really need to get going on this.  Anything in particular you’d like to see my offer?

Also, our first stack of irrigation supplies were delivered right before we left and our first flight of lavender plants were ordered. It’s going to be a busy spring.

Fixer has to get going on a chicken house too.


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