Bath salts and Fir Soap

I can’t wait to get soaping this weekend! A month or so ago I made Fixer some fir needle soap with green clay and poppy seeds. He’s been using it for a couple of days and proclaims the scent is faint, he doesn’t like the poppy seeds but the soap feels nice. It was my first experiment with using clay and I was trying to for an ombre effect, so that didn’t quite go like I wanted it to either.  So this morning I tried out the soap and it does indeed lather pleasantly.  I personally like the poppy seeds as an exfoliant, but I feel like it needs to be a thicker layer on the bottom of the bar, rather than a sprinkle on the top for color.   I’m going to give the fragrance oil one more shot at a higher level and maybe not CPOP the batch because I think I may have cooked out the oil a little bit. Nothing like helping yourself out, right?

But the really cool part of the whole experiment is the base recipe itself.  I’ve been using a starter recipe that I was given that works pretty well, has a nice hard bar, lathers nicely, etc. The problem is that it contains hydrogenated oil (shortening), which keeps the cost of the recipe down, but I think you’ll agree just isn’t very…upscale.  So for Fixer’s soap, I cooked up a recipe that has olive, palm, coconut, castor and jojoba oils in it. It worked great. Even soaping a little warm (because I get all excited and impatient), it wasn’t a super fast mover, so I had some time to make some texture on the top.  I think it might be a good one to try that hanger swirl on that I’ve been dreaming about.

I’ve also recently had a delivery of hemp oil and liquid silk, so if I can manage a nice swirl, I might put a little of both of those in the pot just to see what I get.

The other thing that I’ve been up to is bath salts. I just scored a pile of fragrance oils and some new colorants, so I experimented with bath salts last night. Epsom salt, sea salt, kaolin clay, glycerine, a little bit of mica, a little toot of color and then we hopped in the tub to test it out. I’ve gotta say, I think the glycerine was a winner. My skin is feeling pretty moist this morning even after my hot, hot shower and no lotion. I’m a little worried about it making the salts clumpy, so I need to figure out how to test that.

This weekend we’re off to Trinidad Lavender to see Scott about our starts and maybe, if we’re really organized get a run at our irrigation project. Next week we start with the paperwork and software purchases.  Pheew! A life of it’s own…


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