Friday Night Soaping Madness

Freedom!! Fixer took Bean to a Daddy Daughter Dance Friday night, which left me and the Lilliputian home to work on projects for the shop.  I knocked out a batch of fir soap and a test run of beeswax tablets for scenting drawers and closets. This summer I think I’d like to test them out for a car freshener. I’m a little worried about it right now because I wouldn’t want to have a big melty mess in my car. I bet that lavender fragrance would sure smell good in a warm car.  So the ‘Putian and I turned on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (cause that makes me mother of the year, but she’s 7 months old so she won’t remember) and got to work.

Wax Tablet

Here’s the beeswax tablet. I think I need to clean the lavender a little bit better next time. The top looks pretty good, but the shiny side is looking a little scrappy.  I’m not really sure how you’d clean lavender bud better on any sort of scale, but I bet I can figure it out. I think we’re going to try out some wax additives to make the lavender tablets to make them feel a little smoother, harder and a bit less sticky. I’m also going to try making them in a silicon mold so that they won’t have the funny ridge on the edge.

I got that project going while I was waiting for my oils to cool.  I often get all excited and start messing and mixing before things are cooled off and that just leads to disaster.  That last batch of fir soap didn’t move very fast at all. I added more fragrance oil to the soap and thought that might accelerate things, but instead the whole project just slowed to nearly a stop. I thought I might burn up the motor on my stick blender and still nothing. Eventually, things started to move along. I managed to get two layers of titanium dioxide and one colored with spirulina.  I’ve not tried it before, but I thought it would make a good combination with the fir fragrance.  Here’s what it looked like getting the second layer.

Poured green fir soap

I wasn’t able to get the texture I wanted on the top of this loaf at first, so I stuck it in the fridge to ward off gel and went back later to texture the top. It’s not as beautiful as some I’ve seen, but they’re getting better.

Poured fir soap

FIr loaf with textured top

Here is a picture of the cut soap. I think that the hanger swirl turned out well and since I soaped colder, the fragrance appears to be holding better. The fragrance is going to hold better than the first batch. I expect it to be listed on Etsy in the middle of April.


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