Where have you been, young lady?

Where have I been? Well, let me tell you about that.  I’ve been soaping and digging.  Well, really I’ve been soaping and Fixer’s been digging, with a little help from his friends. So here’s a picture of the cut Fir Needle soap:

cut fir soap endThen I made this nifty soap, scented with Kiwi, Sage and Ginger. I’m really pleased with how it turned out.



Then I made this ducky little loaf I’m calling Fat Tiger. It’s a tiger strip soap scented with Black Raspberry Vanilla fragrance oil. I’m going to be using it for a Brambleberry’s 2013 Soap Swap. You can sign up here. It has a nice little glitter swirl on top and smells soooo good. I also submitted a photo as my tiger stripe entry in the Greatcakes Soapworks Challenge here.

IMG_5641So then I made this swirl for another Greatcakes challenge.

Lavender Mica Swirl

I took this really neat photo as it the soap cured.


These photos are yet another Greatcakes, this time an elemental swirl.

IMG_4384Then I made this test soap with french vanilla fragrance oil. Vanilla is famous for turning dark brown in soap.It will darken even if you use a stabilizer. So I thought I would try to make it work for me with a vanilla swirl in the soap.  It turns out I’m cursed with the urge to over mix, so the vanilla part got really thick on me before I could swirl.  So I mixed it anyway and got this really neat soap that looks like a slab of fancy granite.  I’m pretty pleased.

IMG_5655Here’s a little snap shot of part of my curing rack.  The scary yellow soap smells great. It’s mojito flavored.  The color was pretty startling, but gives an interest effect.  Yeah, that’s it. Interesting.  Maybe I should target market to teenage boys?

So after all of that, well, during all of that really, we started working on planting our lavender plants.  Turns out that anything that can go wrong will,indeed, go wrong.  I’m also continually surprised by the good will of neighbors.  Good neighbors really are a blessing that go under appreciated.   In this case, as Fixer has been working on our irrigation, the bladders in the pressure tanks failed. Awesome.  Yellow water. Double awesome.

So then our awesome neighbor Bob brought his tractor over and our awesome lavender supplier Scott brought down his tractor and implements and boy, those guys made short work of the project. Check this out:



IMG_5645That last one I just threw in there because the plums are in bloom. That purple flower in the front is a weed called purple mustard, but it’s just so stinking pretty that I can’t bring myself to spray it out.

IMG_5653And then it started to snow. Can you believe it? And because weather here is funny in the spring, this is what I had the next morning.


Scott delivered our first 400 babies this weekend also.


You can reach our buddy Scott at Trinidad Lavender here.  So that’s where I’ve been and that’s what I was doing there. We’ve decided (and by “we” I mean me) that chickens aren’t going to happen this year.

Our new tanks are going to be delivered tomorrow and then we start digging holes. Lots and lots of holes. But at least they’re just going to be little howls. I mean holes.  The howls will be mine.  Wish us luck!


5 thoughts on “Where have you been, young lady?

    • Thanks for stopping by Anne-Marie. It’s exciting to have the Soap Queen check us out! I hope my soaps will make your blog someday if I’m a good girl and really work hard!

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