Weeds. Oh my God, the weeds

Have you ever made one of those gross navigational errors that in retrospect look sooooo obvious? It looks like we may have made one. Stepping over the dollar to get to the dime, I think.  Originally, the lavender planting seemed pretty reasonable. Four hundred plants, weed barrier, irrigation on timers. But hey, guess what? Weed barrier is really expensive. Like painfully, really, super expensive.  Even though the time it will likely save is pretty valuable, too. So we get this genius idea that if we stay on top of it, the weeds will be manageable and we can do without it.  So here I am, with a hula hoe, dealing with weeds by hand. You know, all old school.  And it stinks.  Three of our rows are over the leach bed for our septic system, which means when we tilled it, there were rocks. Lots of them.  So I find myself with an abundance of weeds in an abundance of rocks. Literally, a tough row to hoe.  Isn’t that funny?

I don’t think so either. Photos to come.


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