Alkanet infusion and lavender

I’m changing jobs this week. After over a decade at the same place, I thought I’d take a break in between. Soaping hasn’t been happening as much as I’d planned, but here’s what I’ve been up to:

lavender and alkanetHere is my baby grand recipe colored with alkanet infused olive oil and scented with lavender essential oil. The soap has almond and avocado oil, shea, castor, coconut and palm.  Strangely, this recipe is especially popular with the men in the neighborhood.

White tea and gingerWhite tea and ginger. I thought this one was going to go wrong while I was making it, but those always seem to be the batches that come out the nicest.  This is my trinity blend colored with mica.

days workLavender rebatch with fuschia shaved on top, yuzu with gold mica and a tiny test batch of baby powder fragrance oil and an in the pot swirl.

Fixer and Bean spent some time on the tractor working on the irrigation system so we can start our next planting phase. I’ve been saying that for awhile, but work doesn’t seem to be moving at the pace we hoped. Bean had a good time on the tractor anyway.Troy and Bean on the tractor

More planting to come tomorrow I think. Also an order of weed barrier is on the way. We underestimated the pervasive power of lambs quarter and russian thistle.  I’d like to point out that when you have a carefully considered plan of attack, you deviate from it at your own peril.




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