Soaping goes to the next level

In addition to Charter Members of the US Lavender Growers Association and the Indie Business Network, we are a member of the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetics Guild.  This May, I’m leaving Fixer and the Littles and heading to Arizona for the annual HSCG conference.  Color me thrilled.  And while I’m there,  I’m gonna get certified.  Yep. That’s right.  Certified.  The Guild offers 3 levels of soap maker certifications.  And for your trouble, you get to post a dandy badge on your website and promotional materials that assures your clients and customers that you are a proficient saponifier.  Sooooo, my plan is to take the Basic and Advanced certifications at the Conference.  Part of the Advanced certification is the submission and evaluation of a sample bar of basic, multi-oil soap.  To that end, I have cooked up a basic, no artificial anything loaf of my trinity soap for my sample submission.  The soap will be evaluated on documentation, packaging and lather as well as the written portion of the tests.

advanced test soap

In the future, my long term plan is to complete the Master Soap Maker certification, but that project looks like a doctoral dissertation, so we will just have to see how life plays out.  But a girl has to have a goal, right?

This soap will be available for sale at my Etsy shop.


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